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Efeu 24.06.2017 […] Otto Dix: Liegende auf Leopardenfell, 1927. Foto: Tate Politisch mag Weimar chaotisch gewesen sein, künstlerisch war die Zeit große Klasse, schwärmt Jonathan Jones im Guardian, völlig faszineirt von der Ausstellung "Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919-1933" in der Tate Liverpool: "No artist embodies Weimar more pungently than Otto Dix. If you think this era's reputation for 'decadence' is a stereotype […] stereotype created by the musical Cabaret, think again. Liza Minnelli had nothing on the original Weimar characters portrayed by Dix, from his chubby, flamboyant art dealer Johanna Ey to a rich gallery of sexual experimenters and prostitutes. One 1922 watercolour, in which a woman poses in a corset and stockings flourishing a whip in front of a bloodstained cross, is called Dedicated to Sadists. In a small […]