Ezra Pound

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Feuilletons 23.09.2010 […] separate - are secular." (Via 3 quarks daily) In The Walrus porträtiert Adam Hammond Wyndham Lewis, einen kanadischen Autor, der Kanada hasste und sich auch nicht viel aus Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot und Ernest Hemingway machte. Letzteren beschrieb er in einem Buch als "dummen Ochsen", was Hemingway nicht gut aufnahm: "On first reading it in the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in […] suffocating moeotic expanse of objects' that would remain, in the history of literature, 'eternally cathartic, a monument like a record diarrhoea.' No kinder to his friends than to his enemies, he called Ezra Pound 'a person without a trace of originality,' and accused T. S. Eliot of 'dogmatic insincerity.' Revenge against Lewis took various forms. Hemingway delivered a mighty blow in 'A Moveable Feast', describing […]