Harold Bloom

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Feuilletons 08.02.2011 […] item to my cart. Suck it, New York Times Book Review, suck it London Review of Books, suck it New York Review of Books. I?ve got the secrets now - Harold Bloom, OK, motherfucker? The Suge Knight of literary critics. Who's going to bring it against Harold Bloom, who? Wood? Showalter? Please. Nobody can roll with the Bloom. And I had him. Just try not liking my story, lit crits. I?m going to alienate the […] regime." (via blog of a bookslut) Shalom Auslander hatte eine Idee für eine Geschichte. Aber dann ging es nicht weiter, erzählt er im Tablet Magazine. Angst. Er brauchte Hilfe, Führung, er brauchte Harold Bloom. "I suspected the story I wanted to write might have something to do with alienation, whatever that was, and so I all but cheered aloud when I saw this: Alienation (Bloom?s Literary Themes) [ […]