Robin Williams

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Efeu 12.08.2014 […] erkennen. Besprochen wird Lisa Azuelos" Film "Ein Augenblick Liebe" mit Sophie Marceau und François Cluzet (Presse). Der amerikanische Schauspieler Robin Williams ist tot, meldet die NZZ. Peter Bradshaw schreibt in seinem Nachruf im Guardian: "Robin Williams was a superb, mercurial standup comic with a staggering talent for improv and verbal riffing, though his movie career finally evolved into an intriguing […] intriguing split - sugary sentimentality or an ambiguous, menacing darkness. Something similar happened with Steve Martin and Jerry Lewis. The "Mr Hyde" in Robin Williams"s movie persona was well known. So the news of his death, and the indication he has taken his own life, is deeply shocking. He clearly suffered from depression - these were symptoms hiding in plain sight - and his brilliance assumes […]