Stefan Voigt

2 Bücher

Andre Schmidt / Stefan Voigt: Making European Merger Policy More Predictable

Springer Verlag, Berlin 2005
ISBN 9781402030895, Gebunden, 194 Seiten, 84.53 EUR
[…] Making European Merger Policy More Predictable analyses European Merger Control with regard to its capacity to generate predictability among the concerned parties. Starting from the…

Dennis (Hrsg.) Coates / Jac C. Heckelman (Hg.): Collective Choice. Essay in Honor of Mancur Olson

Springer Verlag, Berlin 2003
ISBN 9783540003410, Broschiert, 298 Seiten, 85.55 EUR
[…] Mancur Olson wrote important books in the area of Collective Choice and is considered one of the founding fathers of Public Choice as a field of economics. The chapters in this volume…