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Efeu 02.07.2015 […] männlichen R&B weißgott kein Mangel, doch schlägt Miguel auf seinem neuen Album "Wildheart" dann doch einen neuen, vielversprechenden Weg ein, freut sich Anupa Mistry auf Pitchfork: "All of these supposed libertines are focused on the primacy of male pleasure, treating their sexual experiences with all the reverence of a bunch of wadded-up tissues. ... Miguel, the writhing, pompadoured soul singer, has a […] established narratives with a focus on pleasure and partnership instead of one-sided pursuit. ... Perhaps we will finally move on from minimalism and petulant misogyny and sluggish synths to follow Miguel (...) toward the next era of soul, one where sex is not an arbiter of masculinity but something that"s simpatico with fun and feelings." Weiteres: In der Zeit nimmt Moritz von Uslar die erstmals […]