Martin Parr

Martin Parr, geboren 1952 in Epsom, Surrey, gilt als einer der einflussreichsten zeitgenössischen Fotografen.
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Martin Parr: Boring Postcards

Phaidon Verlag, Berlin 2004
ISBN 9780714843902, Kartoniert, 176 Seiten, 9.95 EUR
Martin Parr has been collecting postcards for twenty years, and here is the cream of his collection - his boring postcards. With no introduction or commentary of any kind, Parr?s boring postcards are…

Martin Parr: Martin Parr

Phaidon Press, Berlin, New York 2002
ISBN 9780714839905, Gebunden, 352 Seiten, 75.00 EUR
This Martin Parr retrospective is rich in the wit and colour that Parr?s work is best known for, but also offers the first serious assessment of the career of this major contemporary photographer.