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Feuilletons 09.11.2010 […] Zeitung hinter einem Paywall verschanzen, haben die Hoffnung, dass sie so ihr Geschäftsmodell unverändert ins digitale Zeitalter übertragen können. Aber Veränderungen gibt es so oder so, meint Clay Shirky: "Rather than simply shifting relative subsidy from advertisers to users for an existing product, they are instead re-engineering the Times around the newsletter model, because the paywall creates newsletter […] newsletter economics. ... This re-engineering suggests that paywalls don?t and can?t rescue current organizational forms. They offer instead yet another transformed alternative to it. Even if paywall economics can eventually be made to work with a dramatically reduced audience, this particular referendum on the future (read: the present) of newspapers is likely to mean the end of the belief that there is […]