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Irving Penn: Dancer

Nazraeli Press, Tucson - Berlin 2002
ISBN 9781590050217, Gebunden, 72 Seiten, 50.00 EUR
über Vice Versa Vertrieb. Mit Vorworten von Anne Wilkes Tucker und Sylvia Wolf. Mit 27 Tritone-Tafeln. In the late 1990s Penn returned to the nude, and at the age of 82 produced a remarkable set of portraits…
Land: Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz, Sachbuch: Politik, Stichwort: Aktion Sühnezeichen

Merrilyn Thomas: Communing with the Enemy. Covert Operations, Christianity and Cold War Politics in Britain and the GDR

Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2005
ISBN 9783039101924, Paperback, 293 Seiten, 52.00 EUR
This book examines the secret role of British and German Christians in the Cold War, both as non-governmental envoys and as members of covert intelligence operations. Based on archival sources, including…